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Spring family Photoshoot at Blenheim

When these lovely parents said their son likes to dance after dinner and wants everyone to do the conga I conjured up an image of everyone in a line doing the conga. How wrong I was, of course it was the classic Gloria Estefan which obviously I happen to know pretty much all the words. I'd spend many an evening in my youth making up dances to her music. First time I've sung that one for a toddler!

It really is a wonderful job this will be the third shoot I've had the privilege of shooting for this growing family. Including you may remember a maternity session at Minster ruins. Blenheim Palace is a spectacular place to shoot last shot their for an engagement but it isn't often I shoot in that location.

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers day, it's not always been an easy ride in my house much like many others, but yesterday was probably the best Mother's day. They are of an age now where between them they can make it really special. I was very grateful they did just that on this occasion!

So watch this space who knows what I'll be singing to on the next shoot!

With Love


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