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Winter Oxford Family Photoshoot

Many moons ago I had the privilege of shooting Matt and Charlotte wedding in Oxford, then once Luca was born in the very early days I scooted to Abingdon over for their new born shots. Now they welcome beautiful babba Micah to the clan with open arms and boy does he remind me of my first born chunky monkey. Except this one fully breast fed! Proud much?! Rightly so! Massive well done to Charlotte!

We went to to Bagley woods and nestled amongst the ferns they had a little tickle fight. I love going to places that are new and fresh and particularly when the location has a special meaning to the family in question. When I look at these I know they conjure up emotion connection and memories, plus it's all part of the Katie experience of being outdoors and catching natural moments together. Why would you swap that for blanket stares in front of a white screen with studio lights? Main take away is to show up and be in the pics creating the images that you all want to remember in years to come of your special family unit.

Wonderful to be with you all

With love



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