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Christmas family minis in Oxfordshire, raising money for mental Health Charity - Restore.

Christmas is a magical time of year, but can be so stressful with all the extra things involved, shopping, plays, concerts travelling, etc etc. Not to mention family visits, and if like me, they're not on your doorstep, it also involves packing; which is my least fave thing to do. Although, very worth the effort. Having said all this, I'm very aware sometimes things are more complicated at Christmas and someone maybe reading this may be feeling overwhelmed by it all. I wanted to use my little corner of the internet to say; you're not alone.

Bunkers Hill Garden shop are avid supporters of Mind and Restore. We managed to raise £189 for Restore through these Christmas Mini sessions.

"When your hands are too dirty from sorting the Christmas trees to give your best friend a hug"

I am popping back on Monday 20th as this wonderful place has captivated my heart.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Much Love



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