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Family Photo shoot in Oxfordshire

Have a family photo shoot in Oxfordshire with me, and discover some new pub walks too.

We had a lot of fun in the bluebells. The only seem to last for a couple weeks so we seized the moment on Saturday evening with beautiful light pouring in.

Family Oxfordshire photo shoot

Always an honour to be invited to photograph a family as the years roll on, marking special occasions like a certain persons 18th Birthday!

Family Photo shoot Oxfordshire

Pammie looks so relaxed and beautiful amidst the bluebells.

There are so many lovely places in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds which are perfect for doing family photo shoots. I can recommend some amazing locations and I'm equally up for venturing to somewhere really special to you. If the lights right the photos will look incredible wherever we are, as from my years of photographing families I know its the connection that is the most important thing. If you are more of a home bird, I'm so happy to come along and take natural and candid's in your home.

There is always some discussion on what to wear on a family photo shoot, and I never used to say much beyond don't wear logos across the fronts of clothing. However, if you are up for a more guided approach I'm happy to help with styling too. After having a chat I'll be able to gage what will look amazing for years to come on your walls for all the family to enjoy.

Family and dog Photo shoots in Oxfordshire

Family Photography Oxfordshire

FYI I used to be petrified of dogs, so I completely understand those who may be nervous. After dog sitting for a friend and living with a lovely lab for a while I was ok. I'd still be weary if it did seem dangerous obviously! We have had out Buddy for nearly 4 years and he is the biggest cuddle monster brings the whole family together too, wouldn't be without him!

Cotswolds family Photographer

Happy Wedding anniversary to the wonderful Alan & Caroline! Special occasions are the perfect time to book a shoot with me so you can treasure those photos forever. We even re created some of the photos from our previous shoot just to see the height difference. Which was quite substantial! Being the shortest in my family I know how Caroline feels! Literally my family back home, my nieces nephew and my own teens I'm the shortest. I still say I'm average height tho!

Wedding anniversary Photos

Mother and daughter photos Cotswolds

Oxford Family Photography

Photoshoots near me

Dog Photography

Wedding anniversary photography

Cotswolds family Photographer

Photography near me

Happy Bluebell season all!

With love


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