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Luxurious Wedding in Oxfordshire

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cooper!!!

Beautiful Bella!

Inspired by Love actually Sharon was so surprised by the brass band striking up all around the church. They sounded wonderful and everyone join in to 'All you need is love!'

The food was absolutely incredible!

The intricate detail of the cake was outstanding by

When the bride specifically asks for a photo with the photographer - honoured!!

Huge Congratulations on your Wedding Rick & Sharon!

What a fabulous day so many memories. Possibly the wettest wedding I've had in 20 years but the smiles did not fade! I was ably assisted by the wonderful Steph who made me laugh all day too!

Here are the list of the incredible suppliers Rick & Sharon had carefully selected.

Jazz Soul Boogie band the Incredible Oli! -

Car - Manor vintage car hire -

With huge love


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