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Fabulous Cotswold Wedding

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Congratulations Dan & Alison!

Dan and Alison's main priority form the get-go was that everybody have fun, relax and enjoy the day - and boy did they achieve that. They had carefully, lovingly planned out the day with so many creative details which was fabulous to capture with my lens. It was a fabulous s Cotswold Wedding to behold!

Dexter sharing his own version of their love story was absolutely brilliant!

A beautiful sand ceremony were Dan and Alison's nearest and dearest all take part, beautifully led by Clare the celebrant.

The food prepared and served by Anna and team from The travelling Kitchen were absolutely outstanding!

Somebody was a bit of a natural public speaker too!

Tuxfizz were absolutely fabulous based in Cheltenham so travelling to the Cotswolds is perfect, although they are in high demand for weddings so get in quick if you are getting hitched soon!

Dream Team:

Wonderful Clare the celebrant :

Fabulous Events under Canvas :

Mouth watering Catering :

Excellent Evening food :

Huge Congratulations to a wonderful couple who deserve every bit of happiness!

With Big love


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