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Oxford Maternity Photoshoot

This Oxford maternity photoshoot was a huge blessing for me to capture. This precious family have fully come into my heart, plus it's so amazing to see how much the little ones have grown in just a year! Their personalities and confidence coming through all the more. I'm honoured every time I'm booked for a photoshoot, but their is something incredibly special about maternity pictures. I only had some of my third pregnancy and totally regret that I didn't document this part of my own families life better. I see now how important it is to capture this moment in time. As a Mum, and a photographer I can see how very loved this little soon to be born baby is, and one day they will see that too!

Can you believe this Photoshoot happened in the UK in January? The very fact that the children don't need to be cooped up in a small studio (or me for that matter) gives everyone the space to run a round and we can document the most natural photos together.

mother and father maternity

maternity photoshoot

motherhood photoshoot

maternity photoshoot

hand holding

documentary photography

How neat is Rachel's bump!

Oxford family photographer

family lifestyle photography

Oxford family photography

pregnancy photoshoot

Family Photographer UK

Maternity Photos

Family Cotswolds Photography

New born photographer

Already excited to meet the new addition to this really special family.

With Big love




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